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EL PALOMAR was established in Tlaquepaque, Mexico, in the mid 60's promoted by Mr. Arthur Kent and produced under the direction of Mr. Ken Edwards, pioneers of the ceramic industry at high temperature in the country.

Mr. Fred Meiers, an international well known designer and expert in Mexican Folk Art created many of El Palomar designs such as Tonala and Guadalajara's tableware.

The excellent quality of El Palomar's tableware starts with clay expressely formulated for its manufacture. Once the tableware has been given the form with its components let them dry as a preparating for the first firing at low temperature.

Next the artist decorates each piece, with beautiful drawings imprinting the tableware with the unmistakable designs made by hand.

Each craftsman signs his work with a personal mark (animal). The second firing done at 1 287 C giving it a result of the best durability of the tableware and makes it adaptable for the kitchen and table service.

The clear and bright colors are obtained trough an oxygen reduction in the kiln.

The most important distinctive that has supported us for more than 35 years has given us your preference since we export to North America, Europe and Japan.

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